Picture by Quentin Merveillie


“Mixing a Techno base and some miscs styles together creates crossovers nobody asked for.”

Abr. is a French music compositor based in Paris. His passion for music started in 2011 and the evolution of his art is growing since then.

Known for his rare but unforgettable live performances, his fundamentally techno music style has the particularity to crossover unusual influences such as Techno, Indus, Acidcore… and more recently Synthwave. He is standing out of the techno scene not only because of his styles crossovers, but also by differentiating himself thanks to his way of creating music, that is out of time. 

The evolution of Abr.’s techniques, both on the creative and sound engineering side, are observable thanks to the regularity of his uploads. Since 2011, there are more than 150 tracks available to witness his growing expertise.

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