Picture by Matamoros Mariana


If one had to give three words to describe Kaltblume’s music, it would be without hesitation: nervous, punk, visceral.

The meeting of two worlds led to the birth of Kaltblume. From an early age he shaped his musical identity listening to alternative bands like The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Metallica . But the decisive turning point towards techno came when he came across European warehouses and their cold and massive atmosphere.

As a producer, Kaltblume is constantly searching for an alchemy between frenetic rhythms, impetuous bass lines and oppressive atmospheres. Drawing his inspiration from EBM, early 2000s techno, early trance and industrial music, he likes to define his music as a frenetic journey through contrasted emotions.

In his DJ set, he takes the audience from ecstasy to torpor with his uncompromising storytelling.

Already supported by many established artists such as Kobosil, SHDW & Obscure Shape and Marcel Fengler, he is a one to watch artist seeking to expand his influence on the modern techno landscape in the years to come.

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