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DJ & Producer born and based in Strasbourg, he became interested in electronic music 6 years ago after a first rave party performance in a bunker used during the first world war. Very quickly, he learns music production and navigates through several styles of techno before launching the project « MORSURE » in 2019.

It is thanks to his numerous experiments that he developed an industrial, raw and groovy techno that allowed him to sign on different labels. He draws his inspirations from the universe of science fiction films, with percussive sounds that provoke a continuous tension in the listener.

His unique style has allowed him to climb quickly in the music industry and has given him the opportunity to start his international career in 2021 with regular dates in Eastern countries, where the universe of his set is in high demand. Indeed, his notoriety has grown in Russia thanks to his performance for the biggest techno event organization, Monasterio in Moscow.

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